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Rhys Williams

Freelance B2B Tech


Enterprise Software
Headless Commerce


Enterprise software, ecommerce, and SaaS marketers...


Are you struggling to get clients to understand what makes you unique? 


If your marketing fails to break through the noise and differentiate you from the competition you need a writer that gets your industry, has a firm grasp of SEO, and writes with originality and flair.

Too much tech content is badly written and packed full of poorly researched buzzwords or ‘keywords’. At the other extreme, some blog posts are so technically dense they're unintelligible to everyone who isn't a coder.

The pace of change in ecommerce and enterprise software is breathtaking - I'm fascinated by the innovations and evolving solutions. 


I take the time to understand what makes them tick. 


That means I can illuminate what is special about your product, explaining how it can benefit your client’s business without bombarding them with jargon or telling them things they already know.

I’m a geek and a wordsmith. I know how to talk to software engineers, enterprise executives, and customers alike.

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Enterprise Software

Bright & compelling

Crisp, exciting and original content that breaths life into the technical nitty-gritty of your product or service.


B2B, jargon-free

Cut straight to what sets you apart from the competition with writing that leaves an impression - no need for buzzwords or hype!


Original & precise

Writing with bags of personality - enough to match your ambitions and tell the world how great you are.

"Working with Rhys was a pleasure! He was enthusiastic, dedicated, and always professional. 

His complete commitment to getting to grips with a complicated and involved topic was refreshing. It made briefing and setting up the project a painless task.

I was delighted with the end result and can’t wait to work with Rhys again in the future."

- Steve Stobo, Director, Cyber Consultancy Services 

“Rhys did a great job of taking a complex, technical topic and making it easy to understand.


I was impressed with his knowledge of SEO best practices and his ability to incorporate them effectively into his writing.


He was reliable, always delivered on time and kept me updated throughout the process.”

- Karly Cyr, Director of Marketing, Mobify

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Content marketing

White papers

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Video scripting

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Get in touch and find out more about working with me on a writing project.

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